Solar - Parallax Series

Solar - Parallax Series


The parallax series was inspired by my interest in perspective, light, reflection and refraction.

The Solar table was designed to reflect light. The bevels are designed to trick the eye and change form as you move round to different perspectives. Solar is perfect example of my wish to combine traditional techniques and combine them with a contemporary aesthetic.


Dimensions: H 79cm x W 110cm x D 34.5cm

Materials: Maple (Other Timbers can be specified)

Lead Time: This piece is made to order. Our standard lead times are 8-10 weeks from date of deposit. If you require an order sooner, please contact us and we will advise of current production times. 

Every Piece is Unique. No two pieces of wood are ever the same. Their beauty derives from the colour, texture and grain developed over years of natural growth. All the pieces have had their materials selected for their beauty and appropriateness. All my work is finished by hand using traditional methods and tools. This means that each piece is always individual, unique and bears the imprint of the maker’s hands.

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