Stellar - Parallax Series

Stellar - Parallax Series


The parallax series was inspired by my interest in perspective, light, reflection and refraction. It was my aim to see if I could push the concept, realize these themes in multiple pieces and create a series with a unified design language. 

My Stellar mirror’s main theme is reflection. The irregular bevels of the mirror and the frame give an illusion of a star’s glinting and flickering light. The bevels refract the light and you will see the spectrum split - much as you see the flickering colours of stars
in the night sky.

Every Piece is Unique. No two pieces of wood are ever the same. Their beauty derives from the colour, texture and grain developed over years of natural growth. All the pieces have had their materials selected for their beauty and appropriateness. All my work is finished by hand using traditional methods and tools. This means that each piece is always individual, unique and bears the imprint of the maker’s hands.

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